Work Inquiries

I would be an engineer if I didn't follow my passion!

When I was studying fluid mechanics at university, one of my friends was going to run a print house in our city. For me, who was always interested in graphic design, this was a great opportunity to pursue my interest. It all started there, we used to provide design and printing services, but after a while, due to my education and marriage, I was forced to end my collaboration, and in addition to my main job as a full-time mechanical engineer, I pursued graphics as a freelancer. Finally, I decided to quit my main job and switched to graphic design, and my freelancing career started.

Since I was a child, figuring out how different things work and finding a way to solve problems was so enjoyable to me. Also, design is a problem-solving process, and my capabilities in engineering let me be successful in graphic design. I like to have a deep understanding of the problem and find the best solution and translate it into the language of forms and colors and help businesses to build a powerful brand.