I would be an engineer if I didn't follow my passion!

When I was studying fluid mechanics at university, one of my friends was going to run a print house in our city. For me, who was always interested in graphic design, this was a great opportunity to pursue my interest. It all started there, we used to provide design and printing services, but after a while, due to my education and marriage, I was forced to end my collaboration, and in addition to my main job as a full-time mechanical engineer, I pursued graphics as a freelancer. Finally, I decided to quit my main job and switched to graphic design, and my freelancing career started.

Since I was a child, figuring out how different things work and finding a way to solve problems was so enjoyable to me. Also, design is a problem-solving process, and my capabilities in engineering let me be successful in graphic design. I like to have a deep understanding of the problem and find the best solution and translate it into the language of forms and colors and help businesses to build a powerful brand.

Design is not for philosophy, but for life.

Design for me is not a job but a way of life. Since I was a child, problem-solving and finding the solution for a specific problem has been pleasant to me. Today after many years it’s still alive in me. it doesn’t matter what field I am working in, if I hadn’t become a graphic designer, I would be a product designer or an architect or whatever I will take design thinking everywhere I want. that’s why I love the design and want to help others to find the best solution for their businesses and I would like to make a better life for them through design.

Design Book

Awards on LogoLounge Book.

LogoLounge book series features the latest and greatest of identity design created by highly accomplished and noteworthy designers from all around the world. Carefully curated by an expert panel made up of some of the most revered names in the industry, this volume offers up endless opportunity for insight and inspiration.

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June 3, 2019

EXP Realty

Building a unified visual system fastest-growing real estate brokerage EXP Realty.

  • Strategy

    Strategy Discovery, Design Direction

  • Design

    Logo Design, Brand Identity Design

  • Client

    Scott Trell

  • Tags

    logo, monogram, realty

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