My Story

I would be an engineer, if I didn't follow my passion.

I was studying fluid mechanics when a friend of mine wanted to start a printing house in our city. For me, who was interested in graphic design, this was a good opportunity to pursue my passion. It all started there and went well until I had to finish my collaboration due to my education and marriage, and in addition to my main job as a mechanical engineer, I pursued graphics as a freelancer. I quit my main job a few years ago and currently continue as a designer.
philosophy, music, minimal art, technology are my favorites. I am hust here to enjoy my life and help others to enjoy as well through graphic.

Beyond Studio

Design is a problem-solving process, and maybe I have this ability from engineering. It is very gratifying for me to understand the problem and find the right solution and translate it into the language of form and color. I worked as a freelance designer for several years and realized that good design comes from thinking and collective wisdom, so I ran Beyond studio with a friend. At Beyond we first try to gain a deep understanding of the needs of businesses and then tell their stories to the audience through the brand's visual identity.

35 Awards
LogoLounge Book 12

LogoLounge is the bestselling logo design book series on the planet. Juried by a pedigreed panel of logo design giants and geniuses, only the world’s top logos make the cut. Winning logos will be published in the upcoming LogoLounge Book 12 and featured with the top logo designs and designers from around the world.

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