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I'm Milad Rezaee, graphic designer specialized in logo and brand identity design. Almost ten years ago I changed my way and followed what I truly Love. Working with shapes and forms and trying to create something creative in a minimalistic style is so enjoyable to me.
I look forward to those clients who believe in what I do. I'm not interested in sitting across a table from each other in pursuit of a sweeter deal. Actually, we play on the same side and I do my best to build a great brand that stands out in the market.

Paper Is My Playground.
35 Awards
LogoLounge Book 12

LogoLounge is the bestselling logo design book series on the planet. Juried by a pedigreed panel of logo design giants and geniuses, only the world’s top logos make the cut. Winning logos will be published in the upcoming LogoLounge Book 12 and featured with the top logo designs and designers from around the world.

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