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About Me

I’m Milad Rezaee, a brand identity designer and visual artist. I have worked with many brands and people all around the globe. My goal is to help brands to set themselves apart from the competition with outstanding design. Find More about me Here.

Design Approach

I try to find a deep understanding of client needs and their target audience, then convert them into forms and shapes. I go through the design in a minimalistic way and I try to find the most simple but, yet distinctive solution for clients problems.

What My Clients Say

Scott Terrell

Milad, is one of the best logo designers I have ever met. He has a grasp of visual design at a high level and he’s incredibly dedicated to his craft. What I love most about him though, is who he is as a person. He’s easy to work with. No drama, no ego and he always get things done on time. What else can I say? If he lived here in Dallas, TX I would hire him on the spot. You absolutely can’t go wrong with him in any capacity.

Michele Del Campo
Michele Del Campo

Rezaee was a real pleasure to work with! He is highly professional, his process to create a logo is very focused on the individual, in fact, he wanted to know just everything about me, my work and my goals. He is very creative and his design is elegant, smart and simple in its complexity.

Eyesun Gorgani
Eyesun Gorgani

Coming up with an appropriate logo was one of the most critical steps for me to initiate my project. To do this, Mr Rezaee designed a logo that not only represents the name of the brand but also illustrates the unique characteristics of my jewellery designs. I really appreciate his contribution and the professional designing that he has done for me.

Mohammad Zamanian

Three words: Modern, Magical, Elegant
These were what I expected from a good logo, and I’m satisfied with the result.

JW Kim
Milad is great at taking clients inputs and coming up with clever solutions manipulating the letters to convey the brand elements. Milad is super easy going and it was a pleasure working with him.
Sara Oshaghi
Sara Oshaqi

Designing a perfect logo was very important to the designer and it was quite noticeable in the design process because it was researched for each stage, from the start to the presentation. Second, I could easily express my opinions and criticisms and knew that it would be possible to apply them, and in the end, what was very valuable to me was the commitment to work at all stages.

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